The tear down begins

The Hummer is on the lift and things are coming apart! Had a noise in the rear differential and when we took the cover off this is what we found.

Aluminum shavings everywhere. The internal parts of the ARB air locker were shredded! Luckily the ring and pinion are ok but wow.

Next came the removal of the stock fuel tanks. The race rules require a safety fuel cell. Of course because life always works with happiness they were full. That did make it easier and faster for them to come crashing to the floor however.

No need for those stock fuel lines anymore. Easy removal!
Of course the Hummer has two tanks to make life extra spiffy.

Finally we find a simple little split in the half shaft boot and we are done with the day

And a picture of Mike to keep ya awake at night since he was behind the camera for all the other stuff.

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