Tear down of the engine begins

The garage opens and here we go again! It’s time to start tearing apart that engine!! Yesterday we pressure washed the engine transmission and transfer case and wow what a mess! Two cans of break cleaner and a day later we are back in the garage.

Off comes the air conditioner condenser, probably never to return. Surprisingly all the lines came loose with no problems! Amazing! The oil/transmission cooler is next and we were surprised to find that it combined the engine oil cooler and the transmission cooler all in one unit.

Finally the super cool griffin aluminum radiator argues it’s way out of the truck and the fan shroud follows in two broken pieces. Luckily Rodney at http://www.feltztire.com had an extra one for us so no worries. It’s a good thing. We went all out removing stuff, as we saw the plastic duuramax fan blades were all broken at the ends. It’s nice to find problems sometimes and lets us understand why it was running hotter than we liked.

Air conditioner compressor and vacuum pump come off to get put on the shelf to collect dust with the condenser. Vacuum will be replaced by an electric vacuum pump. Alternator comes off and oh yeah, that’s not going back either, a new high output one is on the way courtesy of Js-alternators.com

Of course since it’s a Hummer the water pump doesn’t come off easily with pry bars and hammers until we read the shop manual and realize the upper half of the timing cover is removed along with it. New one of those coming too, haha. It’s getting to be like Christmas with all these new parts.

Jack gets his wish today and he can finally take off the weird turbo at the back of the engine. Shaking his head in disbelief at the odd engineering it comes off with no issues. We didn’t even snap any of the exhaust bolts. Intake soon follows as well as fuel lines from the injection pump.

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