Just another day of repairs

We discovered the air hose on the compressor leaks and we have to go get a new fitting for the end. But wait, that store is too far away and even though we will go there later, we will most likely forget to buy it. The solution, always keep a tool attached to it so it can’t leak at the fitting.

It’s time to take out the transfer case and switch it with the brand new one we got. We disconnected front driveshaft and of course lost one of the strap nuts. Undid all the nuts in the transfer case only to discover that genius engineering was used in the construction. The very bottom bolt necessitates removing the transmission mount so you can barely squeeze a wrench in there. Jack crawls under and starts loosening it and then Mike thinks, “hmmm maybe I should put one of the top nuts back on for safety.”  A min later the bottom nut is off and the transfer case shifts right towards Jack’s waiting melon. Bonus points for remembering to put that top nut back on, woo hoo!! Easily pulled out transfer case and set the new one in place. Today’s injury is sponsored by Homer Simpson as mike lifted up the new case all by himself and is now suffering from back pain. 

 Switching the tailpiece on the transfer case. We changed it to the stronger case however the tailpieces differ a bit.   Our team member Chris sent us a new tail piece with the fitting for the speedometer but we need to take the tone ring out of the old case.  Pretty easy job we hope.  We split open the case and of course oil is all over the floor.  Used up the last of the kitty litter so add that to the shopping list.  

Washed out the differential that was full of aluminum shavings, stared at the engine and thought about the timing chain…..   lol.

Everything is off the engine now except the front timing cover.   It’s covered in old oil and gunk so there has to be a bad gasket there. I guess since we have gone this far we might as well take the rest of the front cover off and give it a closer look. The problem however is that to take it off you have to remove the injection pump. Now this isn’t a huge issue except if anything moves then we will have to reset the timing which is a huge nightmare seeing how it’s all electronic and we don’t have the computer. 

Luckily everything came off and went back together with no movement, woo hoo!  Now it’s time to rearrange the garage so we recruit all the family and push the hummer out and then back into another bay and it’s time for dinner and bed. Mmmmm bed. 

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