A lot has been happening

Many things have developed finally we got the heads off of the engine.

A few of the bolts from the exhaust manifold were broken off from the last time Mike was into the engine. Well, they never got replaced due to the fact that Mike was replacing the head gaskets in the wi yet in Upstate NY where it was about 35 degrees inside the garage. A lot of things get the theory of “it’ll be fine, it’s a hummer” when it’s 35 degrees. Haha

So since they were rusted into the heads and broken off we tried without success to weld a nut on them and then get em out. Ultimately drilling them out and using an extraction tool was the solution. By the way, the cheap extraction tool at Home Depot sucks and only worked for one out of the three we had broken off. The rest called for precise drilling and a lot of patience.

With the heads finally off we got a look at the cylinders and everything seems ok, no cracks in the block so we win! Woo hoo!!

New studs are installed and it’s ready to go back together! All went well there and everything was torqued down smoothly. Manifolds and intake are all back on and we are ready for the next exciting moment! The valve covers gave us a bit of surprise as the old gaskets had actually warped somehow and you can see in the picture how they weren’t even sealed with anything except some etc that fit into the gaps. The only thing we could figure was that they were over tightened and that pushed the gasket out of place maybe??

More and more assembly of little things led us to the injectors. With the high cost of new ones we decided to just clean the current ones. That was definitely the way to go. With zero experience and YouTube as our guide everything came apart and went back together smoothly.

It was a big ordeal of tiny parts everywhere. Don’t panic, when we did the final assembly it was a much cleaner work area.

Next we will attempt to rebuild the turbo and weld something that everyone says can’t be welded.

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