Rebuilding The Turbo

How many people get to see what the inside of their turbo looks like? it all starts with a YouTube video about how to disassemble you turbo. Of course we didn’t figure we needed the video so there goes jack just taking out bolts all over the place! Finally after all kinds of theories he broke down and watched the video and success, we have it apart! Well dang that thing looks nasty!

Only $29 and a rebuild kit from amazon arrives and all the tiny screws and things are replaced and then BOOM, a new turbo!

disclaimer: the turbo looks new because we gave up trying to figure out how to get this one little snap ring back in correctly and just ended up getting a new one, that’s why it looks so pretty. Some of us know when to give up, however, then we have Mike on the team…

There’s no way that can be welded, it’ too thin. Well for a new one costing $289 Mike will find a way! Many tiny welds later and a lot of patience, success!

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