The roll cage

It has been a long build getting the hummer all torn apart and put back together. It’s finally almost done and just in time. The deadline goalie set for ourselves is August 1 and we just barely made it! We would tell ya everything here but nobody wants to read that much so we shall split it into several posts so we can keep more updates flowing.

So much has happened over the last month and a half. Just when we thought we were all back together disaster kept hitting us hard. While the body was off it was so much easier to build the roll cage that is required for the race.

Mike is constantly complaining since a hummer already has a more than adequate roll over protection system, but rules are rules so we have to make one to very specific methods.

It all starts with measuring and bending the tubing. Since we don’t have a hydraulic bender we are blessed by Josh and a 6’ extension on the bender handle. Don’t let the guy on YouTube fool you, bending 2” DOM tubing is not that easy.

After the pieces are bent comes the challenge of fitting them all together. I can’t say much positive about the tools or customer service at Harbor Freight but they do make a tubing notch vise that makes perfect cuts a breeze. If you’re building a roll cage I highly recommend that little gem for sure.

We cut about 30 notches in our tubing which is about 1/8 thick. The Milwaukee hole saw performed like a champ and never went dull which is utterly amazing.

After a few days of bending, throwing it in the trash pile, and re-bending and we have a completed roll cage.

We hired Troy’s Welding in Porter Texas to come and do the final welds and gussets. One of the nicest guys I’ve met in Houston he triple welded everything.

It may not be the prettiest weld in the world but we can now be hit by a freight train and after we push the broken pieces of train out of the way we will be able to continue racing.

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