What a world…

Finally the engine is complete with the new parts like a new turbo and a brand new high output alternator donated by one of our sponsors, JS Alternators. https://js-alternators.com/https://js-alternators.com/

It’s a little old and ugly
Nice pretty new one from https://js-alternators.com/https://js-alternators.com/

We got all the strong people we could fine and both of us pushed and heaved the hummer over to the next bay to put the body back on.

Time to hook up wires and all kinds of fluid lines all over the place. Shifter linkage, bleeding brakes and so many other little things were attended to as well.

Finally it’s time to turn the key and after a lot of cranking, noodle scratching, and finding the wire we forgot to hook up, it roared to life. It also leaked coolant somewhere. Here we go with flashlights in search of the mystery.

Well there is water coming out of the exhaust manifold stud. First attempt, get a new stud, nope that didn’t fix it. Next, let’s wrap some Teflon tape around the threads. What a surprise that didn’t work either. Ok, how bout we fill the hole with rtv and then put the bolt in with Teflon tape too. Still the leak persisted. Well damn hell, off comes the body again to get a better inspection.

It seems that when we had to drill out an exhaust manifold stud a month or so ago we drilled a bit too far to the side and hit a water pathway. After a lot of grumbling and options are considered, welding the hole is deemed to be the solution that was not agreed upon by all.

The weld goes good and seems to have fixed the leak for now. How shall it fare when it runs again remains to be seen.

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