Rear steering

We installed the most amazing thing on the Hummer, Rear wheel steering!! Our sponsor sent us their new self centering system and let me tell you, it’s incredible how strong it is.

The engineering that went into this is awesome, it’s literally a bolt on accessory that uses the existing holes and steering components.

It can’t get much simpler, bolt it in place, put new tie rod ends on the end of the existing tie rod assembly, hook up the hydraulic lines and you’re done underneath.

When we opened the box everyone in the shop was stunned by how strong the unit looked. It looks like it belongs on a hummer just by the beefiness of it. Is beefiness a word?

We used a lift to do the install but this could easily be done on your back in a driveway, the whole unit weighs in at about 60 lbs. four mounting bolts hold the hydraulic ram and bracket to the truck, the holes line up exactly. Ours is mounted in front of the differential and they also offer it for behind the differential depending on your truck.

The power comes from an electric hydraulic pump and motor which operates from a simple push button on a remote at the driver seat. You hold down the left button to turn left and right to turn right. Let go of the button and it returns to center. So simple even Mike can do it!

So here we go. We removed 4 of the 6 bolts from the crossmember in front of the rear differential. We then simply lifted up the whole new rear steering assembly and inserted new bolts that were a little bit longer on the bottom. The top bolts look like a nightmare to remove so we just used the old ones. The nuts went on the top just fine and we added a spot weld on each just to be sure they wouldn’t back off since it was close. Figuring out the bolt length and going back and forth to the hardware store was the hardest part of the install.

Next we removed the rear radius rods and replaced them with right hand thread tie rod ends which go into the new hydraulic ram brackets. We weren’t sure how they nicely would fit looking at it, but like everything else it just went in perfectly. Finally we screwed the hoses into the ports on the ram, ram them up through the floor to the pump and we are done underneath.

Back to the top, we mounted our pump in the rear but you can put it anywhere you like. Yuck we have to run more wires. Side note we have used 600’ of new wire so far in this crazy race build. WTF!?! 600 feet? Damn. Finally we routed the remote control to the motor up front and it’s done. Total install time was half a day with a lot of sitting around wishing we had the box of wine open already.

Driving down the road is about 10% different than what we are used to. It’s hard to describe, but as you take tight corners from one street to another it almost seems to drift… but with traction. It’s caused by the rear wheels turning a tiny bit on their own. That was only if we took the corner like a teenager drives. Normal old man driving was pretty much the same as before we did the install.

Showing off we can do the “crab walk” which is a term we hate but since GM named it I guess we are stuck with that unless anyone can come up with something better. Our vote is for the 2am drunk hooker walk but somehow we doubt that will catch on as well.

We really look forward to testing the durability at higher speeds and jumps off road but we just had to get this out there to tell you all about it. It’s just another awesome way to make the Hummer even more cool to show off.

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