About Us

We are just 2 regular guys with a small shop that have a dream. we are not a large company or a large race team. we are doing this race from our home with tools that most hobbyists have.

Mike Leggero

The nutcase of the team, Mike has been off roading for more than 30 years. Yes, getting stuck in the ditch as a teenager does count as off roading. Mike has driven in mud, dirt, ice, snow, rock crawling, you name it he has probably done it. While being a professional driver in an off road race doesn’t exist in his world yet, he has won trophies in mud drags; which his son is happy that has concluded. He was the one who had to wash the trucks.Read more


Jack White

Racing since a teen, Jack has finished 2nd place points champion pure stock 1/2 mile dirt track. Points Champion 3/8 asphalt 4cyl. Life long mechanic and rock crawler builder for vehicles in the high desert of California. Read More

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