Tear down of the engine begins

The garage opens and here we go again! It’s time to start tearing apart that engine!! Yesterday we pressure washed the engine transmission and transfer case and wow what a mess! Two cans of break cleaner and a day later we are back in the garage. Off comes the air conditioner condenser, probably never toContinue reading “Tear down of the engine begins”

Removing the body, no not the girlfriend….

Two videos today! The cool time lapse of the body coming off and then the even cooler regular one. Up and down up and down it goes as we discover more things that need to be disconnected. Finally one last time up and it’s free. Hey, let’s make a video look like we got itContinue reading “Removing the body, no not the girlfriend….”

The tear down begins

The Hummer is on the lift and things are coming apart! Had a noise in the rear differential and when we took the cover off this is what we found. Aluminum shavings everywhere. The internal parts of the ARB air locker were shredded! Luckily the ring and pinion are ok but wow. Next came theContinue reading “The tear down begins”

Our TOP SECRET research and build facility, complete with bounce house

Yes, the project has begun, parked and living at the garage we are about to undertake the monumental task of building a race truck! The Baja 1000 offers the ultimate race challenge for any vehicle and we chose the Hummer H1. Not because of any specific reason except Mike owned one and didn’t have theContinue reading “Our TOP SECRET research and build facility, complete with bounce house”

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