Sponsor us. Please!! Racing is expensive. Click Here

If PayPal is a better option for you our PayPal address is slateracingteam@gmail.com or simply call us and we can take your credit card over the phone, easy. 435-695-8388

This is what we are offering for help in our journey to the Baja 1000 these offerings are subject to change. Pay button coming soon.

We have started a gofundme to help raise money and you can help so much. Any amount helps but we have awards if you donate certain amounts:

$1 to $9 would help so Much and Thanks in advance.

$10 will get your name on our members page

$25 will get you the above and a Tshirt

$75 you get the above plus a personally signed photo.

$150 will get you the above and we will put your name on the Hummer, or your girlfriend, wife, cat, hamster. Any name you want in 1″ high lettering on the back

$1000 to $5000 will get you full hood fender or a door with your logo. Space is limited

$1000 you become part of our official pit crew IN THE RACE!! We won’t work you too hard, just make sure the drivers have food and water or if you want to turn a wrench. You are responsible for your own travel expenses. get your name on the truck and web page. Spots are limited

$20,000 you will be an OFFICIAL DRIVER IN THE RACE. That’s right, you get to drive the hummer in the actual Baja 1000 race. When we win your name will be on the winners list and you get a trophy! You are responsible for your own travel expenses and safety gear, fire suit, helmet, etc. Only one award available. You will drive 50 miles.

$5000 pictures of Mike or Jack posing on the hood of the hummer wearing whatever you want! Even nothing!

We are also looking for Time and or any parts that can help us out. If you have or are willing to donate please contact us.

Hauling trailer and or tools

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