Upgrading the fan

every Hummer owner knows the battle with cooling and today we will be adding the new better duramax fan. The new Duramax fan is larger than stock which means you have to trim it down. Our solution which didn’t work the best was to clamp a grinder onto the frame and then slowly rotate theContinue reading “Upgrading the fan”

Rebuilding The Turbo

How many people get to see what the inside of their turbo looks like? it all starts with a YouTube video about how to disassemble you turbo. Of course we didn’t figure we needed the video so there goes jack just taking out bolts all over the place! Finally after all kinds of theories heContinue reading “Rebuilding The Turbo”

A lot has been happening

Many things have developed finally we got the heads off of the engine. A few of the bolts from the exhaust manifold were broken off from the last time Mike was into the engine. Well, they never got replaced due to the fact that Mike was replacing the head gaskets in the wi yet inContinue reading “A lot has been happening”

The tear down begins

The Hummer is on the lift and things are coming apart! Had a noise in the rear differential and when we took the cover off this is what we found. Aluminum shavings everywhere. The internal parts of the ARB air locker were shredded! Luckily the ring and pinion are ok but wow. Next came theContinue reading “The tear down begins”

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